In over half a century of investigation, Mr. Hubbard isolated many fundamental truths about life, leading to his development of Scientology and the subsequent growth of the Scientology religion.

A testament to the truths contained in Scientology lies in the fact that in less than two generations, the Scientology religion now flourishes on every continent with thousands of Churches, missions and groups touching millions of lives daily. Found in every facet of society, Scientologists are businessmen, housewives, students, artists, celebrities, laborers, scholars, soldiers, doctors, policemen and on and on.

Scientologists, ever involved in the world around them, naturally share with others what they have learned in Scientology. Others, seeing the relevance Scientology can have in their lives too, also become interested in what Scientology can offer them. And so Scientology grows in much the same way as every great religion in history has grown, from individual to individual, bringing knowledge, wisdom and hope for a better life.

With Scientology, millions know life can be a worthwhile proposition, that Man can live a fulfilled life in harmony with others and that the world can be a happier place.

Scientologists work to create such a world every day, joined by others who share this dream. The undeniable relevance of Scientology to the lives of these millions assures its permanence in our society. Millions upon millions more will follow in this quest to create a better world.