L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery that drugs and other toxic residuals accumulate in the body led to an innovative breakthrough in drug rehabilitation. Mr. Hubbard developed a safe, healthy and thorough method of purging drugs from the body.

Narconon Mediterraneo in Spain is one of the network of rehabilitation facilities spanning five continents, with a success rate four times the international average.

A tissue-cleansing regimen of vitamin and mineral therapy with exercise, intensive sweating in low-heat saunas, and adequate replacement of fluids and oils proved to reduce the long-term physical and mental effects of drug residuals in the body.

Implemented in Narconon drug rehabilitation as the New Life Detoxification, students routinely report a marked increase in clarity of thinking, peace of mind and well-being. They also report that the program greatly reduces or eliminates cravings for drugs, the result of eliminating the hidden drug toxins from the body.

More than four decades of studies and follow-up reports have validated the theory and practice of this procedure.

The effectiveness of the Narconon New Life Detoxification is best told by those who have personally experienced it:

“I have been using drugs for 13 years. I have been addicted to opiates for 10 years. The program was the greatest thing for getting my life back. I am much more energetic, my mood is very stable, my anxiety is gone, my cravings are gone, my senses are more pure, and overall I haven’t felt like this since before I started using drugs.”

“The Narconon Detox has made me feel alive again. When I first started, I was tired, achy and weak. Then gradually, day by day, I began to feel stronger, happier, healthier. I have been truly blessed to have experienced this program and to have the opportunity to get my life back on track both mentally and physically.”

“I feel emotionally and mentally stronger and more stable. My physical stamina is wonderful. I know without a doubt the drugs are no longer in my body. I have a bright future and great sense of well-being. Thank you for such a wonderful gift.”