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Scout Leader Soars to Earn Wood Badge with Troop 313

On November 17 2020 Scout BSA Troop 313, chartered by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, celebrated a one-of-a-kind accomplishment when their Troop Chairwoman who earned her Wood Badge, which is the highest training level a Scout leader can get.

The recipient of the Wood Badge was Mrs. Patricia. Patricia began her Scouting journey accompanying her son Nero, who is on his way to become an Eagle Scout.

Founder of the Boy Scouts of America Robert Baden-Powell said the following about the Wood Badge: “One of the purposes of Wood Badge training is to get Scouters to think about the practice of Scouting, to meet together, to exchange experiences, and to live together in the spirit of the Scout Oath.” The Wood Badge is the equivalent of an Eagle Scout level for an adult Scout volunteer.

Wood Badge is an advanced leadership course for Scouts and Scout leaders. Participants increase their skills in listening, managing conflict, team development, coaching & mentoring, leadership and project planning.

Like many intense training experiences, the program requires participants to work together, to organize and to develop an enthusiasm and team spirit to accomplish the tasks and challenges placed before them.

“It has been an adventure and I am so lucky to share that with my son,” said Patricia Nemeth. “It has brought us closer and I am proud to set a good example for him and the rest of the youth in our wonderful Troop.”

L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Scientology religion and Eagle Scout himself, felt that Scouting was very important. He mentioned that the training he received saw him safely through his service as a US Naval Officer during the Second World War.

Mr. Hubbard wrote, “Of all the various information which became important to me, such as photography, woodlore, signaling and many other subjects, the basis of it was laid in Scouting. I am very indebted to a great many, very fine men who gave their time and attention to a restless, boisterous and extremely active boy and teenager, and I must have tried their patience many times but I never heard of it from them.”

Troop 313 is open to boys of any faith, as is any troop of the BSA program. Boys in Scouting are encouraged to be faithful and loyal, as laid out in the Scout Oath and Law.

To find out more information about Boy Scouts Troop 313 please contact Clemence Chevrot, Community Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization (727) 467-6860 or email

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