Scientology Information Center Features: “Golf Matters” to Help Students Learn Life lessons

Summary: Golf enthusiast, Robert Dooley gives back to youth at Scientology Information Center during National Golf Month

On August 29th in honor of “National Golf Month”, Mr. Robert Dooley, founder of non-profit organizations, Golf Matters and The Business of Golf, will deliver a seminar on learning life’s lessons through golf to 30 local students at the Scientology Information Center in downtown Clearwater.

Golf enthusiast and practical thinker, Mr. Dooley helped Tangelo Park Elementary School turn its YMCA program into a city-wide success using golf to teach children problem-solving skills in life. His program resulted in thousands of children in an underserved area in Orlando being inspired through Mr. Dooley’s technique of gaining knowledge through the practical application of golf.

“If it weren’t for golf, I wouldn’t be where I am today – period,” said Mr. Dooley. “I enjoy sharing what I have learned with youth as I was blessed by people who took the time to share what they learned with me as a boy.”

Featured in Swingtime Golf magazine and awarded Volunteer of the Year by the African American Golfer’s Digest, Dooley continues to follow what he calls the butterfly effect: “If you want to get anywhere, the first thing you need to do is serve, and then it all comes back to you.” Coming from humble beginnings he recognizes this effect in his life, and wants to pass this on to youth in all communities.

“I am honored to work with organizations such as the Church of Scientology who partner with non-profit organizations to provide us help and services allowing us to better serve the community,” offered Mr. Dooley.

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