Poet/Lyricist: The Aesthetics of Verse

The L. Ron Hubbard Series

Through verse and lyrics, L. Ron Hubbard communicates his personal view of the world as no other art form can. His works span the entirety of his life: his youth, the New York years—not to mention his greater journey to the ultimate heights of spiritual fulfillment.

My own verse is usually free verse. The freer the better.

—L. Ron Hubbard

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Poet/Lyricist: The Aesthetics of Verse


  • An Introduction to L. Ron Hubbard
  • Early Verse
    • The Sum of Man
    • Cold, Wet Decks
    • Custer’s Second Chance
    • The Sailors
    • Above It All
    • Blue Endless Sea
    • The Castaway Song
  • The New York Years
    • The Avenues
    • Fifth Avenue
    • Five O’Clock
    • A Bridge
    • Shining Windows
    • Street Accident
    • Tenement Summer
    • Subway
    • Tomorrow
    • Steam Shovels
    • Beggars
    • I Knew Him When
    • Odd McIntyre
    • A Clever Man
    • Editors
    • Rolling Platform
    • Drum, Drummer
    • Walking a Dog
    • Picketeer
    • Sable and Satin
    • Sandwich Man
    • Street Walker
    • Stamboul
    • A Demon Caught Me
    • Bomber
    • Bored
    • Condemned
    • The Garden
  • The Early Ballads
    • The Alaska Chief
    • The Sofia
    • The Engineers
    • The Waterfront Empress
  • The War
    • Poem II
    • Death
    • Of Happiness I Wonder
    • Men of Reason
    • My Lovely Nation
    • The Love of a Man
    • Rebuttal
    • The Edna Irene
    • An Error in Scholastics
    • The Atom
  • Philosophic Verse
    • From Sea of Dreams
    • Dianetic Jingles
    • An Ode to Circuits
    • I Have a Demonity
    • Lost
    • Stone Age Religion
    • Eulogy for a Friend
    • A Funeral Oration for Homo Sapiens
    • There Is No Compromise with Truth
  • The Later Songs
    • What I Want Is Happiness
    • I’m Happy
    • Easy Livin’
    • Funeral for a Planet
    • Declaration of Peace
    • Treacherous Love (or Wooing the Poppy)
    • Marching Song of the Protesters (Cry Out)
    • Laugh a Little
    • The Good Go Free
    • The Way to Happiness
  • A Final Work
    • L’Envoi, Thank You for Listening