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Flag logo The Flag Service Org­anization (FSO) is a religious retreat which serves as the spiritual headquarters for Scientologists from all over the world. It is the hub of the Scientology worldwide community, a dynamic, multilingual organization and is the largest single Church of Scientology in the world.
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The Scientology Handbook Made the Difference
This story was sent in to us by someone who wanted to share it with our other visitors. It speaks for itself:...
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Youth Program helps knock out illiteracy Youth Program helps knock out illiteracy
The best student in the Community Learning Center's Adult Literacy Program also happens to be a former cruiserweight boxing champion–so when he decided to help black youth get off the streets, he put both talents to work...
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Welcome to the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization

The Fort Harrison
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Located in Clearwater, Florida, the Flag Service Organization is a religious retreat for Scientologists of every nationality.

We provide the highest levels of religious services. We are the largest single Scientology Church in the world, with well over 1,000 staff members.

As people travel here from all over the world to receive auditing and training, staying for several weeks or even months at a time before returning home, we also provide accommodations for our parishioners in a distraction-free environment so they can make the most progress on their services during their stay, without the turbulence of the day-to-day world.

We deliver Dianetics and Scientology services from the very bottom of The Bridge to the top, as well as certain specialized auditing services only available here.

The Church and our parishioners are also very much involved with activities to improve our community. This includes sponsoring and supporting programs to foster childen, prevent drug abuse, improve literacy and more. It also includes the restoration of several of Clearwater's signature buildings, including the Fort Harrison Hotel, the Clearwater Bank Building and the Coachman Building.

Facilities of the Fort Harrison and Clearwater Building are available and used routinely by residents and community groups for banquets, proms, conferences, exhibits and performances.

We also hold daily open houses, to give anyone the opportunity to find out more about the Church, what we do for the community, and what we can do for them and the public is invited to eat lunch and dinner in the Hibiscus Restaurant at the Fort Harrison.

You are always welcome at Flag.

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