Clearwater, Florida


Bringing the truth about drugs to the North Greenwood neighborhood of Clearwater, Florida.

A team of Clearwater, Florida, volunteers are hitting the streets June 18 to create a drug-free community. Meeting at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in North Greenwood, the volunteers will split into two teams—one to pick up trash and litter, and the other to distribute The Truth About Drugs booklets to raise awareness in the neighborhood of the harmful effects of drugs.

"We are on a mission to get the word out on the truth about drugs," said a Boy Scout leader who is helping organize the event. "Everyone deserves to know the effects of drugs before they make any decisions about them. Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard described drugs as 'The single most destructive element present in our current culture,' and anyone who has seen the effects of drug abuse up close will certainly agree."

This is the fourth monthly weekend initiative in the North Greenwood neighborhood of Clearwater, Florida, with volunteers dedicating their time off to help improve the community.

The Truth About Drugs booklets educate youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. By helped people understand the destructive effects of drugs, they are empowered to make a personal commitment to live drug-free.

Scientologists on six continents work in their communities throughout the year to empower others with the truth about drugs. The Church and its members are dedicated to eradicating drug abuse through education.